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Jesse Garon

LOGLINE: A struggling musician finds his life disintegrating when unsettling visions overtake him before his big break. Haunted by his paranoia and hallucinations, he hides behind his music.

GENRES: Psychological Thriller /// DIRECTOR: Van Ditthavong /// WRITER: Van Ditthavong


Only the Dead Leave Early

LOGLINE: The lives of two cousins, a contract killer and a detective intertwine as bloody drug war tears through Brooklyn's twisted underworld.

GENRES: Crime, Thriller /// DIRECTOR: Van Ditthavong /// WRITER: Van Ditthavong /// PRODUCER: Derek Brown & Van Ditthavong


Bulldogs (TV Pilot - limited series)

LOGLINE: Mandy Deacons, a grief-stricken psychologist, looks back on her pivotal pre-teen days with her best friends in the early 90s and how their seemingly innocent adventures and turmoil gave way to the terrible truths of the grown-up world.

GENRES: Drama /// DIRECTOR: Van Ditthavong /// WRITER: Van Ditthavong


FOSFOR (Short Film)

LOGLINE: The only thing worse than being stuck in the dark is realizing that you're not alone.

GENRES: Horror /// DIRECTOR: Yfke van Berckelaer /// WRITER: Yfke van Berckelaer


She Plays the Dulcimer (Short Film)

LOGLINE: A girl meets a boy unexpectedly, their chance encounter leads to an usually intimate situation and a conversation about death and music.

GENRES: Drama /// DIRECTOR: Pablo Espada /// WRITER: Pablo Espada