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/// goPOP fILMS is a film & video production company with an office and team in costa rica ready for your next project. With stunning locations, world class crews, and a budget friendly environment - Costa Rica is a film and commercial producer’s paradise.

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/// Located in the capital city of San Jose, our office is just 20 minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport. Non-stop flights from Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, and more make travel to Costa Rica a breeze.
Beaches * Cities * Jungles * Volcanoes * Waterfalls *
/// Tropical rain forests, breathtaking beaches and diverse wildlife are just some of the unique wonders waiting for you to capture.

Our Team

/// Our bilingual team has 20 years of industry experience and are experts at navigating Costa Rica’s rich and historical culture.

Alejandra Rosabal // producer


A visual artist and producer, Alejandra was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and raised in Heredia. She has a Dramatic Arts degree from National University and participated in the SNBC Video and Film Training Program at the renowned LGBT Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco. Alejandra loves collaborating with other artists and telling stories through the lens. She has worked on various productions in Costa Rica including film, television, documentaries, and advertising.

Bren O'Donnell // producer


Originally from Pittsburgh, Bren received his Broadcasting and Film Studies degree from the University of Miami. Soon after graduation, a two-week vacation to Costa Rica turned into a two-decade stay. While maintaining a career in hospitality and gaming development, Bren has also pursued his love of film and art. Good food, good friends, and good cinema are what make him tick.

/// Join goPOP FILMS as we guide your production from start to finish. We Provide:

Scheduling & Budgeting


Location Scouting & Management




Travel Logistics


Equipment Rental


Experienced Crew (Camera/Lighting/Sound/Art)


Office & Studio Space


Post-Production Services (Editing, Sound, Music, Color Grading, VFX)

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A production in Costa Rica led by goPOP FILMS offers several advantages that can enhance the overall quality and impact of your project and stay. Some of these benefits include:

Scenic locations

Costa Rica’s stunning natural beauty, including lush rainforests, pristine beaches, volcanoes, and waterfalls provide a visually captivating backdrop for your corporate videos and can make your project engaging and visually appealing to your core audience. We will strive to find a perfect setting that aligns with your corporate message and brand identity.

Biodiversity & Wildlife

The country’s rich biodiversity and wildlife can add a unique element to your video. Incorporating shots of exotic animals and flora will make your video stand out and create a memorable impression.

Experienced Production Crew

Costa Rica has a growing film industry and goPOP FILMS will provide an experienced production crew and skilled professionals who can help bring your vision to life. Working with local experts will ensure a high-quality production.
Cost-Effective Production: Filming in Costa Rica can be cost-effective compared to shooting in many other countries. We will help design a budget and streamline your schedule. Your money will show up on the screen!

Cost-Effective Production

Filming in Costa Rica can be cost-effective compared to shooting in many other countries. We will help design a budget and streamline your schedule. Your money will show up on the screen!

Favorable Climate

The country’s tropical climate with year-round filming opportunities can simplify scheduling and reduce the risk of weather-related disruptions during your shoot.

Cultural Diversity

Costa Rica’s cultural diversity can add depth and authenticity to your corporate video. Incorporating elements of local culture and traditions can resonate with your audience and create a more relatable message.

Travel & Leisure Opportunities

And don’t forget – Travel and Leisure Opportunities! While filming, your team and participants can enjoy the country’s many activities. From relaxing on the beach to exploring the rainforest. From world class spas to golf or deep-sea fishing. From 5-star cuisine to an unforgettable nightlife. The Costa Rica Experience with goPOP FILMS will be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

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