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crime drama / Texas Noir

All Roads to pearla

A small Texas town awakes when a high school wrestler gets involved with a drifter and her lover. Lives intertwine and spiral violently out of control once he becomes her escort driver and risks everything to save her.


CAST: Alex MacNicoll, Addison Timlin, Corin Nemec, Nick Chinlund, and Dash Mihok

DISTRIBUTOR: Gravitas Ventures

COMPETITION FILM: Austin Film Festival, Evolution! Mallorca Int. Film Festival


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Indy Film Fest, Garden State Film Festival,
Lone Star Film Festival

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Short Documentary

Elvis of Laos

Through dance and conversations - a famous Lao singer, his son, and his granddaughter examine the artist's life, inspirations, and legacy after leaving the war torn country in late 1974.

DIRECTED BY: Van Ditthavong

CAST: Van Ditthavong, Kaila Ong

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Maryland Film Festival, Kansas City FilmFest Internatinal, Malibu International Film Festival, Seattle Asian American Film Festival,
Sarasota Film Festival

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in development
drama / fantasy / romance


A grieving witch escapes to a cabin alone to give birth.

WRITER: Van Ditthavong

DIRECTOR: Van Ditthavong

hybrid documentary


A feature film crafted more like a horror movie than a traditional documentary.

psychological drama

Jesse Garon

After witnessing a car accident, a promising musician finds his life disintegrating just as his career gains traction.

WRITER: Van Ditthavong

DIRECTOR: Van Ditthavong

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Andrzej Bartkowiak

drama / western

He is without his guns

A young woman forced to search for work to pay off the heavy debts of her father meets an injured man on his own tragic mission to return home. As the pair travel west, their newly formed intimacy is threatened when his past actions come to light.

WRITER: Gilles Geary

DIRECTOR: Gilles Geary

PRODUCER: Van Ditthavong

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